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Fax/E-mail campaign to close down Pagani

Participate in the struggle for the immediate closure of Pagani by sending a fax or an email to the Greek Ministry of Health and Social Care as well as to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, demanding the immediate closure of Pagani and the release of the people detained inside. You can also call them. These ministries are the authorities responsible for Pagani, and they have not been willing to move. Let us force them to do so.

If you have sent the fax, leave a short comment on this site that you did so. It will show the force of people behind the demands. Also, spread this campaign and get more people to be involved.

We formulated a sample text you can send, but of course feel free to write your own text. Here are the addresses:

Ministry of Interior Affairs

* email:
* telephone: ++30 2131364931 / 2131364932 / 2131364933

Ministry of Health and Social

* email:,
* fax: +30 2105235749
* telephone: +30 2105233798 / 2105233573 / 2105232821 / 2105232829 / 2105249011 or 2105235703

“ To the
Ministry of Health and Social Care
Ministry of the Interior

concerning the disastrous situation in the Detention Center of Pagani, Lesvos, I want to express my deepest concern to you as the authorities responsible. The circumstances for refugees detained in Pagani, as they were presented in many greek newspapers recently, are not bearable at all. At present, more than a thousand refugees are detained in Pagani. Amongst these are many women detained with their children and babies and numerous unaccompanied minors, whose imprisonment is illegal under greek law.

During his last visit to Pagani on the 24th of August, 2009, the director of the greek UNHCR branch, Giorgos Tsarbopoulos, stated that the Pagani prison doesn’t match neither greek nor internation standards. He also stated that there are numerous breaches of greek law.

People are imprisoned for many weeks, even month. They are forced to share a room with aproximately hundred people! Sanitary and medical conditions are beyond any possible imagination. It is not even necessary to describe the further consequences of forcing people to live under these circumstances, since the absolute lack of human rights is all too obvious.

My protest also concerns the praxis of discharge. By releasing people from Pagani in huge numbers without further sustain, they are forced to live on the streets without any support by the Greek state. Without the possibility to catch a boat to Athens or any place to stay, they are forced to sleep outside not even having access to food or water.

Therefore, my demands are:

* Immediate closure of the detention center of Pagani!
* Freedom for ALL prisoners of Pagani!
* Accommodation with food and water, as well as medical treatment and support!
* Infrastructure for refugees arriving to or released from Pagani, while waiting for the ferry!
* Immediate access to travelling papers, so they can continue their journey!
* Freedom of movement and papers for everyone!

Yours, …“

keep informed about lesvos camp and the struggle to close down the detention center of Pagani

Hungerstreik minderjährige Flüchtlinge Lesbos

indy deutschland artikel

Seit dem 18. August 2009 befinden sich 160 minderjährige Flüchtlinge im Internierungslager Pagani auf Lesbos im Hungerstreik. Sie fordern ihre sofortige Freilassung. Alle 160 sind in einem Raum interniert, sie müssen sich eine Toilette teilen, viele sind gezwungen, auf dem Boden zu schlafen. Einige von ihnen sind jünger als 10 Jahre, 50 von ihnen sind schon seit mehr als 2 Monaten im Lager. Die Internierung von Minderjährigen widerspricht dem griechischen Recht.

Heute (20.8.9) fand eine Solidaritätsdemonstration von 150 Menschen aus der lokalen Solidaritätsbewegung und antirassistischen Gruppen aus anderen Ländern, die vor Ort sind, um das NoBorder Camp vorzubereiten, statt. Sie unterstützten die Forderung der Migrant_innen nach deren sofortiger Freilassung. Während der Kundgebung skandierten die Internierten „Freiheit, Freiheit!“, Botschaften an die Migrant_innen wurden auf englisch und farsi verlesen, während diese von drinnen Briefe mit ihren Forderungen übergaben.

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Prisoner of Greek „December“ on hunger strike

There is still one prisoner in pre-trial detention since the December riots

Thodoris Iliopoulos has been detained at the Court Prisons of Koridalos (in Athens, Greece) since his arrest on 22 December 2008, after the refusal of his appeal for freedom. He has been on hunger strike (since the 10th of July 2009). All accusations against him have proven completely manufactured by the policemen who gave insanely contradictory statements. On the 6th of August Thodoris refused to receive doctors at his cell and is now demanding to be transferred to the hospital. Below is the letter he wrote a day before the hunger strike from the A‘ Corridor of the Koridalos Prisons. Another prisoner began a hunger strike in solidarity to Thodoris and many comrades throughout the country are making sure the case is not neglected and forgotten.

Today, 9 July 2009

On 8 July, after 6 and 1/2 months in prison, where I am kept detained after the December Uprising, charged with acts that I never did, the Council of Jurists decided to continue my detainment.

It’s the only decision that called for continuation of detainment for such a case, when all the other detainees for the December Uprising, charged with the same or other acts, have all been freed.

This decision proves the personal antipathy and hate against me; they can neither rationalize nor explain it, for it’s a decision taken for personal dislike, unjustly and illegally, as in any detainment.

Against this hate that is being expressed against my person, against this unjust ‚punishment‘ that I am subjected to as a detainee, against this continued refusal on the part of the jurists and the prosecutors to see the real facts and the truth of the case, against this apparent and unprecedented discrimination against me, I‘ve no other way to fight except my own body.

I begin a hunger strike. It’s the only way I have as a detainee to shout for freedom and denunce the great injustice.

This is the only way left to denounce the hate and the prejudice of the mechanism of the ‚penal law‘. To denounce the arbitrariness and the violence of a blind ‚justice‘ and its even more ‚blind‘ employees.

From Friday 10 July I stop accepting food and I submit a letter announcing my hunger strike to the prison administration.

Those who experienced the events of the December Uprising, those who experienced the violence of the mechanisms of the State and the police, those who experienced the cruelty of the cell without a sentence or with a sentence, those who know that the only way for freedom is resistance, those who fight against the arbitrariness of the courts and its horror, they are those who can understand me and will support me.

I thank them right now.

Thodoris Iliopoulos (Θοδωρης Ηλιοπουλος)

Koridalos Prisons

Thodoris Iliopoulos befindet sich den 33. Tag im Hungerstreik (linksunten indy artikel)

Seit dem 18. Dezember 2008 sitzt Thodoris Iliopoulos im Knast in Athen, seit dem 10. Juli befindet er sich im Hungerstreik, um seine Entlassung zu erreichen. Momentan weigert sich der Knast ihn in ein Krankenhaus zu verlegen und es sieht so aus, als wäre er im Moment dem Tod näher als dem Leben.

Mitteilung der Solibewegung von Montag, 10 August 2009

Thodoris Iliopoulos befindet sich den 32. Tag im Hungerstreik. Sein Gesundheitszustand wird von Tag zu Tag ernsthafter und es wird klar, dass sein Leben in Gefahr ist.

Es besteht die dringende Notwendigkeit, dass genehmigt wird sich in einem Krankenhaus um Thodoris zu kümmert. Thodoris wird momentan nur durch die übliche medizinische Überprüfung (Zucker, Blutdruck und Gewicht) beobachtet, während die Ergebnisse der Untersuchung vom 3. August immer noch nicht verfügbar sind.

Die Doktorin, die Spezialpathologin Eleni Kakalou, verlangt eine Verlegung ins Krankenhaus. Sie sagte, nach der Untersuchung von Thodoris im Knast Korydallos:

“Dies ist eine sehr ernsthafte Angelegenheit, weil er sich nicht in einer Situation befindet, in welcher seine Gesundheit effektiv beobachtet werden kann, und im Moment ist sein Leben in Gefahr. Er hat keine Kraft, um ohne Mühe das Büro des Doktors oder das Telefon zu erreichen, er hat Schmerzen und ihn plagen Krämpfe. In ein paar Tagen wird sein Leben in regelrechter Gefahr sein, wie ein Gewichtsverlust um 18 Prozent in vergleichbaren Fällen gezeigt hat. Thodoris ist sehr nahe diesen Gewichtsverlust zu erreichen.”

Die Gefängnisverwaltung verhindert einen Transfer ins Krankenhaus, sie beachten nicht die Ernsthaftigkeit des Falles, so liegt es allein in den Händen der Verwaltung, um über die Gesundheit von Thodoris zu verfügen.

Solidaritätsbewegung für Thodoris Iliopoulos

Anklage von Thodoris Iliopoulos

Ich verurteile diejenigen, direkt im Haftkrankenhaus und in der praktischen Umsetzung der Wissenschaft welche von sich behaupten nicht für meine Gesundheit verantwortlich zu sein, seit ich meinen Hungerstreik begonnen habe. Und einige sprechen von einer stattfinden psychologische Kriegsführung.
Der Kampf gegen das widerliche System geht weiter. Die Leidenschaft der Freiheit ist stärker als alle Zellen.

Thodoris Iliopoulos, 10. August 09

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