Chambery case: N1N1 is free

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N1N1 is free

N1N1 was arrested in Hongaria in October, and put in prison there. He was then identified and deported to France on October 16th. Two judges received him, and decided to imprison him in La Santé, in Paris, for undeterminated time. He ’s released on Decemebr 11th. He’s free now, under judicial control, as all the others.

Police say he fled after Chambery events. Zoe died when trying to make a bomb, and Mike seriously injured on April 31st. Then Police made than a house-research on Les Pilots squat, in Chambery, saying « she has been seen there several times ». 10 people were arrested and released, but Raphael was kept. After several days, Lucas was also imprisoned. He presented himself to police when he saw they were anyway arresting all the friends « for investigations ».
All these people were of course under anti-terrorism conditions.

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About the repression in France you can read „Solidarity & Revolt Across Borders – Letters from prisoners, solidarity statements and action chronologies from France and other countries (January 2008 to March 2009)“ in english.
über die Repression in Frankreich es gibt eine broschüre auf deutsch, leider seit ein jahr nicht aktuallisiert
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