25.11.09 – Brussels – Manifestation against closed centres and prisons

BRUSSELS – More than 150 people went into a wild demonstration in the South-Area of Brussels, in Anderlecht and Molenbeek. An appeal was launched to demonstrate against the construction of a new detention centre for immigrants in Steenokkerzeel, against the deportation machine and against all prisons. The manifestation, also recalling the recent events in the prisons and the riots in Anderlecht, could count on a lot of sympathy of bystanders. Several cars of companies participating in the building and maintenance of prisons and closed centres were spraypainted. The manifestation was disbanded before the cops who were preparing to close in the demonstration could intervene.

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- 20.11.09 – Andenne – Night of riot in prison
In Belgium, This year, at least 55 actions have taken place against companies involved in the construction and maintainance of prisons and closed centres, the Post, companies of public transport and police services. Actions going from graffiti to destruction and arson.
From the response of the Minister of Justice De Clerck to a question of a senator, octobre 2009

- Vottem &es Brugge – Two blockades of closed centres + riot in Brugge
About 150 people blocked the entrances of two detention centres for immigrants, chaining themselves on the gates. In Brugge, a riot broke out inside the centre: prisoners destroying windows, trying to tear down fences,… Cops invaded the closed centre, chasing the prisoners away from the yard. One prisoner seemed to have escaped. 1.11.2009

- Leuven – Prisoner shot dead by cops. A prisoner who attacked two guards with a knife, barricading himself afterwards in a cell with another prisoner as a hostage (according to the media) was shot dead by a Special Intervention Team of the police. One guard was heavely injured, the other one has some wounds. 31.10.2009

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